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Microsoft is selling the excellent Dell XPS 13 and Dell Inspiron 15 for hundreds off

Microsoft’s 12 Days of Deals continues with a number of discounts across various Dell laptops and desktops. Two caught our eye: the highly-reviewed Dell XPS 13 9360 ultrabook on sale for $999, and the best budget gaming laptop, the Dell Inspiron 15, on sale for $599. (Officially, the deal was only good through 11:59 PM ET on Dec. 9. We checked on Monday, and the sale prices for the XPS 13 appeared still to be valid. Get it while it’s hot!)…

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HP patches hundreds of laptops to remove hidden keylogger

If you bought an HP laptop any time in the last five years, it could be tracking your every key stroke. Over the weekend HP revealed that nearly 500 of its notebooks dating as far back as 2012 shipped with a secret keylogger installed. Alongside the announcement, HP released driver updates to eradicate the software on affected laptops. Security researcher Michael Myng discovered the keylogger when probing the Synaptics touchpad software on an HP laptop. HP’s security bulletin says the…

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Microsoft is selling the excellent Dell XPS 13 and Dell Inspiron 15 for hundreds off, today

Microsoft’s 12 Days of Deals continues on today with a number of discounts across various Dell laptops and desktops. Two caught our eye: the highly-reviewed Dell XPS 13 9360 ultrabook on sale for $999, and the best budget gaming laptop, the Dell Inspiron 15, on sale for $599. Dell XPS 9360: why it’s a good deal Here’s why we like the $999 Dell XPS 13 9360 deal. For one thing, Dell’s XPS 13 ultrabooks consistently perform at or near the top of…

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Nvidia’s Titan V Graphics Card Costs $3K | News & Opinion

Whenever Nvidia releases a new high-end graphics card you expect the high price attached to it. $1,000 cards are not uncommon, but Nvidia’s latest is called the Titan V and it costs $2,999. In return for a ridiculous amount of cash, Nvidia promises you’ll be getting “the most powerful graphics card ever created for the PC.” Before deciding not to buy a GeForce GTX 1080Ti or Titan XP for your gaming rig and spend triple the cash on a Titan…

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Lenovo Yoga 720 (12-Inch) Review & Rating

The Lenovo Yoga 720 convertible laptop comes in several shapes and sizes. The best option for most people is probably the 13-inch model, the recipient of an Editors’ Choice award for its feathery weight and balance of features and price. But if you’d like to go even smaller and less expensive, there’s a $649.99 12-inch version, the subject of this review. To keep the price and size down, Lenovo outfits it with barebones components—an Intel Core i3-7100U, 4GB of RAM,…

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Alienware 15 review: It’s built like a tank you can actually carry

How much does two inches matter? You wouldn’t think it’d be a huge factor, but when I reviewed the Alienware 17 I called it “staggeringly huge” and said it was “time to hit the gym” if you wanted to carry one around. Since then, I’ve spent a few weeks using the Alienware 15—a laptop with the potential to be just as powerful, but in a slightly lighter package. And it turns out that’s good enough. This one is just right…

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Qualcomm Teases Windows Laptop Service Plan Details | News & Opinion

Qualcomm gave some more details on where its Windows-on-Snapdragon laptops are going in the future, including speculating on wireless service plans. December 7, 2017 11:07AM EST December 7, 2017 Qualcomm is really serious about this laptop thing. A day after announcing its first Snapdragon-powered Windows 10 PCs from HP and Asus, Qualcomm CDMA Technologies president Cristiano Amon said the company has plans to broaden the scope of its laptop project. For one thing, Windows 10 will run on “every single…

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Will Carriers Kill the Always-Connected Laptop? | News & Opinion

Imagine effortless internet. You’re connected whenever you want, as fast as you want, and you never have to think about it. That’s the dream of Qualcomm’s “always-connected laptop” initiative, announced at the company’s Snapdragon Summit on Tuesday. Here, Qualcomm made a ballsy pitch: you can live without public Wi-Fi, perhaps even corporate Wi-Fi, and rely on LTE, where speeds are improving and are often better than Wi-Fi. Qualcomm’s perspective is not insane, but there’s one roadblock: carrier service plans. We’ve…

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Microsoft Explains How Windows on Snapdragon Works | News & Opinion

Could Windows Phone return? Maybe. At a Q&A with Microsoft and Qualcomm execs at Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Summit, Qualcomm’s Miguel Nunes said “different form factors” are coming for Windows 10 on Snapdragon, and Microsoft’s Erin Chapple didn’t count out the return of handhelds to Microsoft’s lineup. But for now, “we are talking about always-connected PCs,” Chapple said in response to a question about Windows phones. Nunes and Chapple were doing a deep dive into Windows on Snapdragon, trying to answer some…

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Hands-on: Asus NovaGo’s Snapdragon-based Windows PC manages expectations

The Asus NovaGo is a Windows laptop with something completely new: the Snapdragon 835 Mobile PC Platform, Qualcomm’s bid to use its smartphone chip to grab some Windows PC share in a category long dominated by Intel. Spending a little time with the machine on Tuesday was an exercise in testing—and managing—expectations. Qualcomm executives have admitted that the Snapdragon platform will be a bit slower to launch apps, a bit slower to boot, a bit slower here and there. Our early…

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Asus NovaGo (TP370QL) Preview |

Asus’ NovaGo (TP370QL) starts Snapdragon 835 PCs on a pretty basic note. A convertible rather than a detachable PC like the HP Envy X2, the NovaGo feels like an inexpensive laptop with a not particularly fast, but functional processor. The question will be whether Qualcomm’s radical battery and connectivity promises pay off. The NovaGo is a pretty standard-sized 13.3-inch laptop, 0.6 inches thick with a 1080p screen and weighing 3.06 pounds. The island-style keyboard is comfortable, and keys have plenty…

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HP Envy x2 (Snapdragon 835) Preview

The quest to add smartphone-like battery life to laptops may have just got a lot shorter with HP’s unveiling of the new Envy x2, complete with a Snapdragon 835 processor. Yes, you read that right. Qualcomm’s flagship CPU, which is commonly found in high-end smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8, is powering a Windows PC for the first time ever. HP is promising to eke more than 20 hours out of the chip without a charge, and what’s more, the…

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Qualcomm invades Intel’s turf with Snapdragon PCs that push battery life over performance

Qualcomm is invading Intel’s turf, announcing Windows PCs that use the same Snapdragon chips as your phone and can last well into a second day of use.  On Tuesday at its Snapdragon Technology Forum, Qualcomm showed off its Snapdragon 835 Mobile PC Platform on a HP Envy x2 tablet and an Asus NovaGo ultrabook. Both run on the company’s Snapdragon 835—yes, the same processor (and cellular modem) inside popular phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Qualcomm uses its success with…

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Gigabyte Aero 15X Review: The GeForce GTX 1070 Max-Q makes it hum

Gigabyte’s new Aero 15X says conventional wisdom is wrong. That conventional wisdom says gaming laptops can’t be good “laptops” because they’re too big and eat too much battery. The Aero 15X proves otherwise, with great gaming performance and great battery life.  If the Aero 15X looks familiar, that’s because it’s mostly just an upgraded copy of the Aero 15. We absolutely loved the Aero 15, which set the standard for performance and battery life, and the 15X adds to that…

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Buy a Pixelbook or Samsung Chromebook, Get Free Netflix | News & Opinion

When it comes to Chromebooks, Google likes greasing the wheels. To entice potential Chromebook purchaers to buy, Google normally offers special deals for Google services, such as bonus Google Play credit or extra storage on Google Drive. Now, Google is stepping outside of its garden to offer would-be Chromebook buyers a deal that focuses on what they might be doing throughout the holiday season: binge-watching television and movies. Until the end of December, those who purchase a Google Pixelbook, or…

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