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Origin EVO15-S review | PCWorld

Say hello to one of the most intriguing high-end incarnations of Nvidia’s new Max-Q technology. The Origin EVO15-S is powerful and portable, delivering GeForce GTX 1070 graphics in a sleek sub-five-pound frame. That’s amazing—but it’s also true of every Max-Q gaming laptop. Origin stands out from the crowd with a superb out-of-the-box customer experience and the ability to configure the EVO15-S hardware any way you see fit, unlike the overwhelming majority of the Max-Q masses. More importantly, you can use…

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Acer Chromebook 15 (2017) Review & Rating

We’ve gotten so used to tiny 11.6-inch and 12.5-inch chromebooks that we were momentarily startled when we took the Acer Chromebook 15 out of the box and it just kept coming: This $399.99 Acer has a 15.6-inch display, the most popular size among Windows consumer laptops, and the footprint to match. The large screen size is great for getting work done (and so is the excellent battery life), but its dull display keeps it from impressing, and from replacing the…

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The Best Laptops for Kids

The Right Laptop for Schoolwork and Play The question of whether (and when) to buy your son or daughter a smartphone is fraught with concerns over responsibility, online safety, and much more. The same goes for buying a laptop, except for one very important difference: Many elementary and middle schools consider them essential educational tools, and equip classrooms with sets of laptops for their students to use in class. Other schools require parents to purchase laptops, offering a selection of…

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HP Spectre 13 (2017) Review & Rating

The HP Spectre 13 ultraportable laptop series has become known for its head-turning, ultra-luxe style, and the latest version (starts at $1,129.99; $1,239.99 as tested) is no exception. It fuses two unlikely but iconic laptop features: the snow white keyboard and touchpad of polycarbonate Apple MacBooks from a decade ago, and the razor thin screen bezel that Dell popularized with its XPS lineup a few years ago. That seemingly incongruous combination has the potential to be disastrous, but HP’s designers…

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The best PCs, hard drives, monitors, and more

Cyber Monday is still a day of second chances for holiday tech shopping. If you missed Black Friday, you have a final opportunity to snag deals on new TVs, tablets, phones, PCs, and other gadgets. As with previous years, some retailers are keeping their most popular gadget deals active from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. We’re also seeing some completely new offers worth checking out. Read on for Cyber Monday 2017’s best tech deals. Source link

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How to pick the best gaming laptop GPU on Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer great laptop discounts, but the flood of deals can be overwhelming. So many configuration options are available, and it’s not always clear which ones are the best. If you’re a gamer, your hobby adds one more thing to consider: the GPU. It’s the most important component in any gaming notebook, but choosing the type and level of performance isn’t straightforward. This year in particular has yielded a slew of options for laptop graphics. That’s…

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Asus VivoBook S510 review: Weak battery life hobbles this capable ultralight

With its thin-and-light shell, jumbo display, Intel Core i7 processor and mid-range price tag, the Asus VivoBook S510 aims to be a sleek-yet-roomy ultrabook for folks who like to get things done. But while we’re impressed by its looks, feel, and agility with day-to-day office tasks, the S510 falls painfully short in a key area: battery life. Price and specifications We tested the $799 version (SKU S510UA-DB71) of the VivoBook S510, which measures 14.2 x 9.6 x 0.7 inches and…

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Lenovo IdeaPad 120s Review & Rating

How low can they go? No, we’re not talking about celebrities or politicians; we mean laptop manufacturers and their quest to offer ultra-affordable systems for entry-level shoppers. Take the Lenovo IdeaPad 120s ($249.99), for instance: This 11.6-inch notebook (there’s also a 14-inch model) has just 2GB of RAM, which is half what we recommend for Chrome OS, let alone Windows 10, though its 64GB of eMMC flash storage is double that of another rock-bottom bargain, the HP Stream 11-y010nr. It…

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Dell XPS 13 (2017) review: Intel’s 8th-gen CPU makes a great laptop even greater

Forgive us if you’ve heard this one before but Dell’s latest XPS 13 is truly the best one yet. Seriously. Newly upgraded with Intel’s 8th-generation CPUs, the XPS 13 offers unheard-of performance in an ultra-portable laptop. By “unheard-of,” we mean the XPS 13 offers performance approaching and occasionally surpassing that of much larger and much heavier powerhouse laptops. Granted, it hasn’t changed much on the outside. As we go through the features and specs, though, you’ll see the significant changes…

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Dell XPS 13 (9360) Review & Rating

Online gossip has it that Dell will launch a new XPS 13 in early 2018, with a white case and with three USB-C ports replacing the existing ports. We’re eager to see it, but this latest XPS 13 (starts at $799, $1,299 as tested) is more than enough to keep us satiated, with its upgrade in the form of Intel’s eighth-generation “Kaby Lake R” processor, blowing away laptops based on seventh-generation silicon and reclaiming the ultraportable Editors’ Choice that the…

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Dell Latitude 7380 Review & Rating

You can’t get the Dell Latitude 7380 (starting at $1,199; $2,178 as tested) in silver or rose gold the way you can its ultraportable sibling, the Dell XPS 13. The Latitude’s magnesium alloy frame is strictly business black. But there’s a lot of the XPS 13’s DNA here, especially its grab-and-go convenience. It doesn’t top the comfy keyboard and 17-hour battery life of our Editors’ Choice business laptop, the Lenovo ThinkPad T470, but its light weight and wide connectivity options…

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Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 has a power problem

Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 has a power problem. When operating at peak performance, it may draw more power than its stock charger or Surface Dock can handle. What we’ve discovered after talking to Microsoft is that it’s not a bug—it’s a feature. You can understand our confusion, given how Microsoft initially positioned the Surface Book 2. “This is a desktop,” Microsoft’s corporate vice president of devices, Panos Panay, went so far as to call it. “For many, this is likely…

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Asus ZenBook Flip (UX360CA-DBM2T) review: A sleek, affordable 2-in-1 for everyday tasks

Not everyone needs a beefy laptop, which usually comes with a beefy price. For many folks, a capable, portable, flexible device like the Asus ZenBook Flip is just the ticket. At just $749, the 2-in-1 Flip doesn’t try to be the most powerful or most advanced option. Instead, it offers a slim and portable design that’s affordable and easy to use. Really, this laptop reminds us a little of the netbooks that existed about 10 years ago. However, unlike those…

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The Best Black Friday Laptop and Desktop PC Deals

While laptop and PC deals are popular all year round, the weeks surrounding Black Friday are awash with particularly impressive discounts. There are far too many bargains for any one person to manage this time of year, so our team has done the work for you. We’ve sifted through all our Black Friday info to date, and picked the very best laptop deals for each category. Early Black Friday Deals These six excellent Black Friday deals are already live on…

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