10 Key Linux Terms You Need to Know – Online Business Article

Jan 24, 2019 0 by Alex Ali If you’ve ever dabbled in programming, you know that developers love Linux (and other Unix-based systems). There are a lot of reasons for Linux being a superior option for development work. The problem is that it can be overwhelming if you’re coming from another Operating System (OS), particularly because you’ll run into a lot of unfamiliar terms. The truth is that these days, Linux is pretty user-friendly – depending on what ‘version’ of it you…

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How to Download From GitHub (Windows, Mac OS & Linux) – Online Business Article

GitHub is a wonderful resource for developers although it can seem a little complicated to use at first. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to download from GitHub on the following operating systems: MS Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu). So without further ado, let’s start. How to Download From GitHub on Windows & Mac OS X Mac and Windows users will be happy to find out that files and projects can be download from…

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SCP From Remote to Local & Vice-Versa Command Examples – Online Business Article

The Secure Copy Protocol, known as SCP, is the Internet’s standard method to copy files between two hosts. Whereas FTP used to be the norm, it has become obsolete since the data transferred is unencrypted and can be intercepted. It is preferable to stick to SCP or SFTP to transfer files as both protocols are using SSH to communicate. In this tutorial, I will show you some examples of how to use SCP to copy files over two computers: How…

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How to Create a Swap File on Linux – Online Business Article

When you first set up a Linux box on a service like DigitalOcean for example, your physical RAM is the only memory your system can use. That means if you go with the basic service of 512MB, no process can use more than that. And given that there’ll be a lot of processes running on your server, that limited memory is going to be used up fast. To combat this problem, we have the idea of swap space, swap files,…

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How to Update the Kernel in CentOS – Online Business Article

Your Linux kernel is the center of the operating system. Its importance is such, that you will hardly ever get the chance, or need to interact with it directly. It does most of its work behind the scenes, and coordinates everything from multitasking, to memory management. Sometimes, you might have the need to upgrade your kernel version, or install a new one. Different distributions don’t use the Linux kernel “as is”. They make changes and updates to more accurately reflect…

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