S Corp Election Deadline Is Approaching So Don’t Delay – Business Article

If your business is an LLC or C Corporation—or if you are an accountant, attorney, tax advisor, business consultant, etc. who helps entrepreneurs—realize that the S Corp election deadline is fast approaching on March 15, 2019. So if you want to be taxed as an S Corp for the 2019 tax year, now is the time to act.  What is an S Corporation? First things first, let’s step through what an S Corp is and its potential small business advantages.…

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How to Start a Tutoring Business – Business Article

Tutoring has the potential to be a lucrative side gig or a viable full-time career. Which of those you achieve depends on what your goals are and whether you do what it takes to launch and grow your business successfully. If you’ve wondered how to start a tutoring business to advance your income potential, this article is for you. Join me as I walk you through the key things you’ll need to consider. Who Can Start a Tutoring Business? Naturally,…

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Do You Need Annual Meeting Minutes for Corporations and LLCs? – Business Article

Because some corporations must hold annual meetings and draft annual meeting minutes for satisfying their business compliance responsibilities, it’s important to know if this requirement applies to your company. What should you know about them? What do they include? Must LLCs hold an annual meeting and prepare minutes, too? These are just a few of the questions you might be wondering about. Let’s dig into this topic so that you’ll have a basic understanding of what you might need to…

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