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What you need to know about writing off auto expenses – Business Article

Taxes for wheels ** UPDATED FOR TAX YEAR 2016: The standard mileage rate is 54 cents per mile.  Now that you’ve started your business, you’ve heard you can write off automobile expenses. So, are you ready to buy that luxury sports car and write off the costs of driving around town to run errands? Well, hold your horsepower. As with tax-related issues, it’s not that simple. There are a few things you need to keep in mind before you start…

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4 Ways to Manage Debt Stress – Business Article

Debt affects more than just our well-being financially, it can lead to physical and mental health complications. That is why it is highly essential to find safe ways to deal with debt stress. Here is how you can combat the stress associated with debt. Tackle your money issues directly The first step in dealing with debt stress is devising a plan to remove it from your life. Debt remains the way it is until it is paid off in full.…

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