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What happens when content becomes a commodity? – Business Article

By Mark Schaefer A news clip from yesterday’s TechCrunch: Fiverr is acquiring ClearVoice, a company that helps customers like Intuit and Carfax find professionals to write promotional content. The two companies seem like a natural fit, as they both operate marketplaces for freelancers. Fiverr covers a much broader swath of freelance work, but CEO Micha Kaufman   said the marketplace’s professional writing category grew 220 percent between the fourth quarters of 2017 and 2018, and he predicted that the need for content marketing will only increase.…

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Do I need to take marketing classes or can I just learn online? – Business Article

By Mark Schaefer I received this question from a young follower on LinkedIn: “You’ve inspired me to pursue a career in marketing. I’m looking into completing university marketing classes to give me a foundation. Do you think it’s worth it? Can I get enough understanding from your books and blog posts or would you recommend taking a course?” I thought I would share this question today and answer it because it represents a larger issue of keeping up and staying…

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You Don’t Have Weaknesses, Just Overdone Strengths – Business Article

By Mark Schaefer I recently wrote about a special mentor I had in my life when I discussed Robert Crosby and the one word that changed my life. Bob had such an impact on my outlook on life and business. I recently was explaining one of his philosophies to a friend and thought this might be useful to you, too. Bob once told me that there are no such things as personal weaknesses, only over-done strengths. If you think about this as…

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Why do so many big companies lack marketing basics? – Business Article

By Mark Schaefer A short time ago, Verizon quietly folded its big-time venture into social content, a platform they started in 2015 called Go90. The telecommunications company wanted to become a media company, and it bet big bucks to make it happen. With younger video viewers increasingly flocking to YouTube and social platforms instead of linear TV, the time was ripe for a new video platform competitor, especially one that could offer great content from the digital video creators and…

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The ultimate copywriting challenge | Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow} – Business Article

By Mark Schaefer Ryan Holliday once wrote that you truly know you’re an author when you feel tormented every waking moment until your book comes out. By this definition, I am certainly an author, and there was no greater period of torment than developing the title and cover for my new book Marketing Rebellion. I think you’ll be interested to learn about the torment involved in bringing those two simple words to life! The ultimate copywriting challenge A book title seems…

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