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How To Choose The Right Social Media Platform For Your Business – Wonen in Business Article

When you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur and a one-person show, all you want are simple strategies, that if done well and consistently enough, will deliver the amazing results you dream of. But with so much advice out there pressuring entrepreneurs to be on EVERY social media platform from the get go, it’s no wonder so many end up confused, overwhelmed and stuck, rather than making the progress they set out to achieve. Focusing 100% of your time and…

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How to Pick a Business Idea You’ll Love – Wonen in Business Article

  So you are set on starting a business, but for some reason you feel stuck before you even get going. Maybe you have a million ideas swirling around your head and you’re finding it difficult to focus on a single one, or perhaps you’re struggling to come up with any ideas at all? You’re not alone. So many entrepreneurs I speak to start out like this. Figuring out what business to start and committing to a single idea is…

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Business tips for growing when you feel stuck + free workbook – Women in Business Article

When you feel stuck in your business, it’s normal to want to hire help to fix that problem for you. It’s something every one of us needs to do at some point, but there is a difference between hiring help to help your business grow or hiring help to solve your business problems for you. So many entrepreneurs spend money on hiring people to figure solutions out for them when they can’t figure things out themselves. I had a similar…

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