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Digital Marketing Funnel for Small Digital Businesses – Wonen in Business Article

In nearly a decade online, I can count on one hand the number of times a potential client didn’t say something along the lines of: Marketing is overwhelming. It can almost feel like the game is stacked against you like it’s needlessly complicated just to make it hard to get ahead. With all the components of digital marketing, it’s no wonder we get off the rails sometimes (or want to pull our hair out). We’ve got: Content marketing Social media marketing Paid…

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If You’re Trying to Get More Traffic, Here’s a Better Way · Rita Barry & Co. – Women in Business Article

My 18 month old likes to bite furniture (and walls, people, dogs, etc.) to get his sister’s attention. This definitely gets her attention but it’s not the kind of attention he’s looking for. When he instead, walks over to her, gives her an epic 10 second squeezie hug complete with delicious baby noises, he also gets her attention. And it usually means that she’ll put down the 10lb novel she’s currently reading to play trucks (for at least a few minutes). He…

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What To Do When Your Marketing Isn’t Working – Women in Business Article

Imagine walking into a pharmacy and buying every single medication and supplement that was lining their shelves in an expensive, but hopeful attempt to cure a bothersome symptom. Sounds like a strange way to spend a Saturday night, doesn’t it? Most of us would head over to our friendly family doctor or even the walk-in clinic and get a diagnosis from a trained professional before buying remedies. Then we can walk into that same pharmacy, prescription in hand, and head straight…

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