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How to Become a Sales Superstar – Business Article

To make a sale in business, you need to have a strategy, consistency, and the ability to relate to people well. Some businesses avoid active selling, choosing instead to wait until a customer wanders their way, prepared to make a purchase. These companies don’t tend to stick around for long.  So, how can you become a sales superstar? One of the first reasons that stop people from becoming a sales superstar is that they don’t want to be perceived as…

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No Business Strategy Should be Without It – Business Article

Before you answer that, think about this question.  Are you happy to build a business that underperforms? No business strategy is complete without being linked to your social media activities. The key to using social media the right way is to increase your visibility and build a stronger bond between your brand and your market. Three things to consider about your social media strategy: 1. Choose the right platforms. Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter are just a few of…

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