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Venturing into the Dragoness’ Den – Women in Business Article

Director of Rockallwight PR, Claire Cunningham tells her success story: Claire Cunningham How I threw my hat in the ring and ended up winning. Brand new start-up In April 2018 my new public relations start-up was only a month old. I had left a 20-year career working as a communications professional, in corporate environments on big teams,  to try my hand at being an entrepreneur. My company Rockallwight PR, turns innovative small and medium sized company’s approaches to communications around.…

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The Dragoness’s Den Experience – Lynda Taverner – Maximise Conference & Awards – Women in Business Article

The brave decision was made back in October 2017. I was heading to The Den!! I had only recently become a Sole Trader and just starting out on my journey of being self-employed, yet I was feeling brave!! I spent hours putting together my pitch, it was the first time I had fully put pen to paper regarding my passion for good quality mental health provision in primary schools and for my hope of publishing a newly written concept for…

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We’re almost there … 3 days until #MaximiseConference! – Maximise Conference & Awards – Women in Business Article

There now only 3 days until #MaximiseConference! Don’t miss out on this fabulous event!    The biggest event of the year is just around the corner and it is bigger and better than ever! The Maximise Conference and Awards, being held on 6th December 2017, is a fantastic event, where you can spend time working on your business and give it the time and care that it deserves! The Maximise Conference is also an opportunity for you to network, exhibit, attend…

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First Cheltenham Business to Accept BitCoin – Maximise Conference & Awards – Women in Business Article

WOMEN’S BUSINESS CLUB is officially the first business in Cheltenham to accept BitCoin. Bitcoin is a payment system which uses digital money, using peer – to – peer payment chains which has no authority. For those who use the payment system, BitCoin is an app or computer programme which allows customers to have access to a BitCoin wallet which they can send and receive payments. They’re said to be much easier than debit and credit purchases. Users will make a…

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1 week until #MaximiseConference … What are you going to wear? – Maximise Conference & Awards – Women in Business Article

  There is now only 1 week to go until #MaximiseConference! There is so much do, including choosing an outfit that is a true representation of you and your business! Speaking of clothing, did you know about the Maximise Fashion show? The Maximise Fashion Show has proven to be a huge hit in the past, and this year it is going to be even bigger and better than last year! This is the perfect opportunity for us to support the…

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2 weeks to go! Come and see the Maximise Award Ceremony! – Maximise Conference & Awards – Women in Business Article

We can’t believe there are only 2 weeks until #MaximiseConference! There is so much to do at this fabulous event, including our wonderful award ceremony! There are many different categories, including Business Woman of the Year, Excellence in Business 2017, Man of 2017 and so much more! The Maximise awards are the perfect opportunity to celebrate how far you and your business! It is an opportunity for introducing new businesses and helping them grow further and gain more success, whilst…

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Get more from Business Conferences with Social Media – Maximise Conference & Awards – Women in Business Article

#MaximiseConference is a fabulous opportunity to not just get your business out there, but to also meet and connect with new people. But this can be difficult to do, especially in a large scale event like Maximise, where there is so much going on, such as speakers, a speed networking session, fashion show and much more! So, how do you ensure you make the most of Maximise whilst also connecting with other conference attendees? By having a good social media…

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