Customer Experiences Become Memories, Good or Bad, and They Add Up To Your Brand – Business Article

Customer experience (CX) is the sum of the all interactions a customer has with your business. It’s not enough to measure performance in any one moment. The customer doesn’t care about your individual operations. All they care about is how well they can reach their objective and how they feel along the way (and after). This is where most companies miss opportunities in CX. It’s not a tech or business strategy that can be simply defined by a framework. True…

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Best Super Bowl Ads this year – Business Article

The Super Bowl is arguably the most important day of the year for advertisers. With 100 million Americans watching the big game, the Super Bowl is paramount. This year, a 30 second ad during the Super Bowl LIII costs advertisers $5.25 million. That amount of money means there is a lot of pressure on an ad to be memorable – especially today, when ads are sometimes talked about more than the game itself. Advertisers may spend an entire year creating…

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Microsoft compra CitusData ~ Business Intelligence y Big Data: ¡Aprende Gratis sobre Analytics! – Business Intelligence Article

Comunicado de Microsoft con la compra de CitusData y su compromiso con el open source, apostando claramente por PostgreSQL: “Yes, Citus really is Postgres. Not a fork, and not out of date. Citus is an extension to Postgres and stays in sync with the latest releases. So you can leverage your expertise in PostgreSQL and the Postgres ecosystem. And so you can take advantage of all the innovations in Postgres—including features like JSONB, PostGIS, HyperLogLog, and full text search” Microsoft se…

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