Experience Business and Personal Success in 2019 with a “Legacy-Driven” Mindset – Women in Business Article

Making an impact will be just as important as making an income is central to adopting a “Legacy-Driven mindset” and that becomes crucial to long-term success in both our business and personal lives. In watching how people navigate the landscape of their business and personal lives, I believe that women have a better sense of how to adopt and implement this way of life because women always seem to be in charge of balancing the life and work dance—and like…

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The Importance of “Unplugging” By @DrRKGreen – Women in Business Article

by Dr. R. Kay Green | Featured Contributor In today’s society, there is a pressure to always be “on” that simply did not exist when most of us started business. The rise of social media and remote work has been incredibly beneficial in a lot of ways. It has given entrepreneurs a chance to be heard and found by people who would not have heard of their services otherwise. It has leveled the playing field, in a sense, so that…

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Dream Big and Bold – Savor Magazine – Women in Business Article

A SELF-PROCLAIMED “ACCIDENTAL ENTREPRENEUR,” VICTORIA LYNDEN, FOUNDER OF KOHANA COFFEE, TRANSFORMED A FUN SIDE PROJECT INTO A COMPANY VALUED AT $100 MILLION. HERE, SHE SHARES HER SECRET TO SUCCESS. “DON’T BELIEVE WHAT YOUR EYES ARE TELLING YOU. ALL THEY SHOW IS LIMITATION.” Almost all great businesses begin with solving a problem—you want something; it doesn’t exist, so you create it. That something for Victoria Lynden was great-tasting coffee. “I was running a restaurant and wine bar in Austin, Texas, but what I really wanted to offer my customers was great coffee,” she says.…

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12 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Making Important Decisions – Women in Business Article

I know this is going to sound a little hokey, but I view intuition as this powerful “thing” in my gut that is a silent and strong guide. However, it’s really easy to ignore, especially if you are busy and have a million things going on. And if you ignore it long enough, it gets smaller and smaller until something in your life has to scream at you (implode) so that you finally have to tune in. Let’s avoid getting to…

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