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Bookkeeping for a Growing Business – Business Article

  Starting a business may seem simple, but there are many moving pieces in any small business that may be challenging. Arguably, one of the most important moving pieces in a small business is having a clean set of financials to help run and manage the business. Daily bookkeeping can be a make or break when it comes to measuring and understanding your business. Bookkeeping can help a growing business get funded, manage cash flow, stay tax compliant and organize…

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4 Networking Tips All Small Business Owners Should Know – Business Article

The most successful entrepreneurs typically have one thing in common (other than a great business idea): They’re good at networking. Networking is an important skill to learn for small business owners. Some people are naturals who can work a room without breaking a sweat and seem to float from conversation to conversation. Others often do break a sweat and tread water from conversation to conversation. If you’re in that second group, know it does get easier with a bit of…

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