Creating Evergreen Funnels for a Sustainable Business – with Nick Stephenson – Business Article

Nick Stephenson: Evergreen runs on all our products all the time, but we will do a live promotion or a live launch once a year. So, for the main product, 10k Readers, we do an affiliate launch once every year and there’s a reason we do it once a year: It’s because it’s exhausting. It makes you want to just go to bed for a week. Pat Flynn: You’re listening to a conversation that I had recently with Nick Stephenson…

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How a Beautiful Mess Became a Beautifully Diverse Business Empire – with Emma and Trey – Business Article

Emma Chapman: You should tell him. We just hit a milestone early today. Trey George: Oh yeah. Literally. Pat Flynn: What’s the milestone? Trey: We just hit 10 million installs on A Color Story. Pat: Are you serious, 10 million? Trey: Yeah, today. Pat: 10 million installs. Emma: Today. So we’re going to go get lunch after this. Pat: Oh my gosh, congratulations. I have so many questions about this. Trey: Thank you very much. Pat: First of all, that’s…

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