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How To Build An “In Case of Emergency Binder” for Your Family – Women in Business Article

Family Emergency Binder This is one major project you should not put in the back burner, it’s really time for all of us to create a Family Emergency Binder. This is also known as a Grab and Go Binder which is an important binder to help your family plan for an emergency should one arise.  Creating an emergency family binder will ensure my family is able to get through any crisis easy without wasting precious time looking for important information…

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How Living On A Tight Budget Is Not A Bad Thing, Here is Why It’s Not – Women in Business Article

How to Live On A Tight Budget And Save Money Do you think living on a tight budget is something to be embarrassed about? It’s unbelievable how many people think this. We are going to share with you our favorite tips on how to live on a tight budget and still save money. Living on a tight budget is not a shameful thing, it just means that you need to be wiser about how you spend what you have.  Everyone…

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