Can we really “Stop using Excel”? – Business Intelligence Article

Fast forward 30 years, Microsoft Excel is still the undisputed leader in spreadsheets with more than 750 million users, and remains a staple in most offices. Honestly, who doesn’t use Excel? Its accessibility, ease of use, and flexibility just makes Excel the first choice for crunching numbers. (Side note: Excel was initially launched in 1985 for Apple. The Windows version came out in 1987. Check out the history of Excel here, if you like.) Facing today’s challenges with Excel However,…

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Essential Questions for Data Prep & Analysis – Business Intelligence Article

Data preparation can be a tedious and time consuming activity.  However, it is a fundamental part of the data analysis process in order to produce accurate information that can be trusted. If you are responsible for preparing data for analytics, you have to ask questions based on the expectations and demands of the business. What is the problem you are looking to solve? To address the concern, you need to ask specific questions to your audience, from the report creators…

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