Brexit warnings by Airbus and Siemens cannot be ignored | Business – Business Article

Empty threats, say Brexiters of the claims made by Airbus and Siemens that plans are under way across industry to slash investment budgets and possibly close factories should the UK quit the European Union’s single market and customs union on 29 March. Worse than that, Mark Francois MP, an arch Tory Brexit campaigner, says it amounts to bullying. He said Airbus’s German boss was guilty of “Teutonic arrogance”. Yet, without a deal – one that at least keeps the UK…

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Importance of Business Intelligence and How the Best Organizations Use It – Business Intelligence Article

Business intelligence has become a central component in today’s most successful organizations, as evidenced by the current growth in revenue of BI software from $10.55 billion in 2010 to a projected $18.65 billion in 2017. Big or small, startup or well-rooted enterprise, companies have recognized that data is power and are making business intelligence a priority by investing heavily in business intelligence technology. What is Business Intelligence and why is it important? Business intelligence (BI) refers to the set of…

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