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Digital ad market under fresh scrutiny amid competition concerns | Media – Business Article

Facebook and Google could be forced to open up their businesses and share details of how their advertising model works, after the government backed an investigation into concerns that their dominance of the online advertising business is hurting news publishers. News outlets have long complained that Facebook and Google, which together account for the vast majority of digital advertising in the UK, have sucked out billions of pounds of revenue that previously supported the cost of journalism. The culture secretary,…

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Philip Green accused of racial, physical and sexual abuse | Business – Business Article

Philip Green allegedly subjected people working in his business empire to abuse and other inappropriate behaviour that was at times racial, physical and sexual, according to a report. A host of serious allegations were published on Friday evening by the Daily Telegraph after an injunction obtained by the businessman was lifted. The paper said some of the people involved had made complaints about Green but they had been covered up. In some cases, Green is alleged to have paid people…

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