What are Brexit contingency plans for pharmaceutical industry? | Politics – Business Article

Brexit poses a big threat to pharmaceutical research and manufacturing in the UK, the industry has said, potentially driving up manufacturing costs and deterring future investment. AstraZeneca and other companies have frozen all manufacturing investments. Britain’s second-biggest drugmaker decided to halt further investments at its Macclesfield site in the summer of 2017. Its chairman, Leif Johansson, has said the UK needs to make sure it “does not become an isolated island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean”. David Jefferys,…

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Drug firm Novartis fears no-deal Brexit could put patients at risk | Business – Business Article

The Swiss pharmaceuticals company Novartis has said it is stockpiling drugs in the UK before a possible no-deal Brexit, which it warned would be “hugely impactful” for patients. Firms across the economy are bracing for the possibility of the UK leaving the EU on 29 March without a deal after parliament resoundingly rejected Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement. The Basel-based company said on Friday it imported 120m packs of medicines to the UK from the continent each year but suggested a…

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