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Amazon, Etsy or eBay – What’s the Right Marketplace for You? – Online Business Article

Thinking about starting an online business for your side hustle? Get your feet wet by selling through a marketplace like Etsy or eBay first. Why? Well, there are two big advantages of selling on a marketplace: ● Setting up a shop is quick and generally pain-free● Getting discovered by customers can by easier and faster Before you get started on deciding which marketplace is right for your wares, there’s a crucial step that you must complete – getting a domain…

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How to file taxes as a new online seller — guide for 2018 taxes – Business Article

eCommerce tax time primer So, you just started selling online and are looking for help with how to file taxes for your 2018 return? You’ve come to the right place! If you’re new to eCommerce, figuring out which taxes you have to pay, when you have to pay them, and who you have to pay, can be a bit of a challenge. But taxes come with the territory for online sellers — whether you sell products on your own website…

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From Etsy to Your Own Site: How (And Why) to Take the Plunge – Blogging, Small Business, Web Design & Hosting Tips – Online Business Article

Your Etsy shop has really started to take off. People like what you’re selling and you’ve even seen a number of repeat customers come back for more. For a lot of Etsy sellers, it’s precisely this moment – when things on Etsy are going great – when your best move is actually to leave the website altogether.   Etsy gave you an easy way to start and a low-risk means of seeing that your business idea works. That’s what Etsy’s…

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