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10 Top Tips To Writing A Killer Ad When Selling A Business – Business Article

First, the bad examples: Nobody cares about your awards! Not at this stage anyway. If the #1 thing you can say about your business is that it’s won awards, the chances are that you are not profitable! And profits are what buyers and investors are after. So put your ego aside, don’t boast about what’s important to you, even if you’re really, really proud about those awards. Talk about what’s important to the buyer! The potential is so good that…

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Negotiating Price & Terms On The Sale Of A Business Or Doing An M&A Deal – Business Article

Business owners often underestimate what’s involved in the negotiating of these deals. Many think it’s just about finding a price that works for both parties. Or worse – they think the negotiator is going in there to get them the “highest possible price”. However, price is but a very small part of the equation! A typical negotiation for a £2 million sale could be spread over several days and involve agreeing not one figure but dozens of them!  These range…

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Questions & Answers – FAQ About Selling Businesses – Business Article

I’m looking to sell a part time dog walking business which has great Google rankings, has been established for 3 years and makes £25K+ a year. The annual income is dependent on how the new owner runs the business. For example, if he does dog boarding as well he would make a lot more profit. It will also play with factors such as advertising – I am very active on Facebook and that attracts a lot of business….My questions to…

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