Let’s make impact in 2019 – Wonen in Business Article

The end of the year always brings the self-development crews out en masse to help us choose our annual words, phrases, visions, plans and goals. As a self-development nerd and Virgo, I love all of it. And yet, it can feel really overwhelming to make so many choices at a time when the weather and social patterns slow us down. I look at the world through a Body of Work perspective, so for each year, I like to think about what I…

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Do your partnerships add or relieve stress? – Women in Business Article

Besides John Legend (!), there are few people who I hold in super high regard for their unique business insight and integrity. Warren Buffett is one of those people. Last week, I had the great pleasure of attending a Berkshire Hathaway shareholder’s meeting in Omaha, and listened to 6 hours of commentary from Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. There were so many astounding things about the experience, the first being that this meeting is hosted in a gigantic stadium, with…

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