Growth IQ – – Business Article

The book review for this week is Growth IQ by Tiffani Bova. Bova has written a powerful book that describes the optimal paths to business growth in today’s marketplace. She backs up her theories with excellent case studies using relevant businesses and their current levels of success and/or failure. My takeaways from this book are the ten paths to business growth shown in the list and diagram below and the knowledge that most of these paths are not stand alone.…

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Key Elements for Every Partnership Agreement – Business Article

Your partnership agreement is one of the most important business documents you will ever sign. Many people go into business with loved ones, relatives, or lifelong friends only to discover (once it’s too late) that they should have had a partnership agreement. This agreement protects everyone involved and can help reduce problems that may arise. Outlining what will happen during different potential situations and events, in a legal framework, can help keep your business running smoothly. What Should a Partnership…

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