How to turn creativity into shareholder value • Derek Cheshire – Business Article

Dear Reader, The last month seems to have passed very quickly and Summer seems to be fading into the past. On the plus side, there are fewer distractions so what have you been up to? I tinkered with the soft skills training that I mentioned last month and have seen an improvement. So if you know of anybody that is looking for soft skills training such as Presentation Skills, Attention Management, Assertiveness etc with a creative twist and lots of fun…

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Cisco RV160 and RV260 Models available now! – Business Article

Team, I am very proud to announce the availability of five new models that come to the Cisco Small Business RV Series Portfolio. These bold new models are all purpose-built for the Small Business Channel and customer, supported by the best-in-class service and support team, and by FindIT Network Platform. RV260, RV260W, RV260P The all-new Cisco RV260, RV260P and RV260W offer higher power dual core processors, same SFP Combo WAN ports, but with an eight-port switch. Yes, there is the…

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Qlik Optimization Techniques – John Daniel Associates, Inc. – Business Intelligence Article

Patrick McCaffreyPractice Director, Business Analytics John Daniel Associates, Inc.Patrick’s Profile We have previously discussed some ways to optimize our Qlik applications. If you would like to review that post you may find it here.  I would like to expand this post with some new ideas and techniques for whenever you run into a large and complex application. First, let’s set the stage for what we are talking about. What is a large application? When we implemented this technique, we had an…

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