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The Secret to Succeeding in Business? You Already Have It! – Wonen in Business Article

The glass ceiling might be shattered in places, but plenty of shards are still there. According to research from Carta, despite women founding roughly 13 percent of companies, they hold less than half that percentage in equity. It’s a gap just begging to be addressed. Perhaps the best way to attack this equality disparity is for female entrepreneurs to take charge of their own destinies with personal branding. Women are in a unique position to brand themselves and the companies they…

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Build a strong reputation from scratch like a PR pro these 4 tips – Business Article

One of the most precious assets you have as a professional is your reputation. You may be kicking your career goals, fantastic at your job, or successfully building a profitable business, but do the people who matter know? Having a good reputation is your golden ticket to limitless opportunities. Growing your network is not just being known by more people, but more so the right people. Building a strong reputation doesn’t happen overnight. Your reputation requires constant nurturing in order…

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