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My Calling to Serve the United Way – Honoring Unsung Heroes – Business Article

Written by Mike Flynn, President – Milwaukee Region I have been blessed throughout my life by the generosity of others. I come from humble beginnings, growing up on the southwest side of Chicago in a single-parent home with four siblings. We did not have a lot, and I can point to specific individuals who took actions to change my life for the better. As a kid, I loved baseball. Getting to the field for practice or a game was everything…

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Breaking Down Goals to Achieve Them – Business Article

Written by Corey Chambas, President & CEO Recently while exercising, I was listening to the Nike podcast “Trained.” One item about breaking down goals really got my attention and I’d like to share my thoughts on it. Check out the original podcast, released on 1/10/19. The way Justine Thompson, a Nike Master Trainer, discusses breaking down athletic goals is very analogous to how you might want to think about your goals and tackling them with manageable action items (her portion…

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How I Handled the Need for a New Challenge – Business Article

Written by Maria Peot, Event Planner Back in 2011, when I decided to fully pursue my career in the events industry, I enrolled in the Meeting & Event Management Program at Madison College. Going back to school was a bit strange for me, but I had graduated from UW-Madison only a couple of years before, so getting back into school mode wasn’t too much of a stretch. And, this time, I was in school for something I was passionate about…

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