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How to Know When it’s Time to Stop DIY-ing Your Website · Rita Barry & Co. – Women in Business Article

With the proliferation of free themes, website builders and low cost options, it makes a lot of sense to ask yourself the question: Why should I pay for a website designer when I can design a website myself? And honestly, there is one pretty good reason you SHOULD build your website DIY-style. And that reason is budget. If your business isn’t making money yet, you don’t have personal funds to cover it or can’t save enough in the near future…

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Why Your Last Website Design Failed to Grow Your Business – Women in Business Article

You know that anticipation filled moment before you make a new web design live? The moment when anything is possible? When the design can catapult you to fame and fortune. When the design can get you booked on the biggest podcast in your niche, and they get in touch with you, not the other way around. When the design can help you finally make this hobby-business into a business-business. So… you hold your breathe, press the big red button and…

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