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Phew, the Bank would deploy common sense on no-deal Brexit | Nils Pratley | Politics – Business Article

A no-deal Brexit, in economic terms, would be a trip into the unknown and would very likely involve a severe shock. Even the sober sub-set of Brexit promoters concedes the latter short-term point. But at least one likely outcome is becoming clearer: the Bank of England would not make things worse by cranking up interest rates. The idea that it might was a strange notion entertained by Threadneedle Street last November as it sketched various scenarios for the UK’s departure…

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Drug firm Novartis fears no-deal Brexit could put patients at risk | Business – Business Article

The Swiss pharmaceuticals company Novartis has said it is stockpiling drugs in the UK before a possible no-deal Brexit, which it warned would be “hugely impactful” for patients. Firms across the economy are bracing for the possibility of the UK leaving the EU on 29 March without a deal after parliament resoundingly rejected Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement. The Basel-based company said on Friday it imported 120m packs of medicines to the UK from the continent each year but suggested a…

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