Marketing and the unintended consequences of tech – Business Article

One of the problems most companies face is the unintended consequences of technology. Of course this has always been a problem, but its especially acute today because the cost of tech is slow low and the opportunity to implement it so rapid that it can get away from us. This is the topic Tom Webster and I explore on the next episode of The Marketing Companion. We look at: How Finland is proactively involving their citizens in the AI transition…

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The ultimate copywriting challenge | Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow} – Business Article

By Mark Schaefer Ryan Holliday once wrote that you truly know you’re an author when you feel tormented every waking moment until your book comes out. By this definition, I am certainly an author, and there was no greater period of torment than developing the title and cover for my new book Marketing Rebellion. I think you’ll be interested to learn about the torment involved in bringing those two simple words to life! The ultimate copywriting challenge A book title seems…

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Jenna Kutcher Podcast – Our Top 10 Must Listen to Grow Your Blog – Wonen in Business Article

The Gold Digger Podcast By now you should know how obsessed I am with listening to Podcasts! I am currently loving a few but right now Jenna Kutcher is on my raider. Be sure to to listen to the Jenna Kutcher Podcast if you have a chance.  It’s actually called the Gold Digger Podcast but I love every single episode she puts out. They are truly inspiring and you definitely learn something each time.  But before we get started on…

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