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An Updated Look at Risk Taking for Professional Women – Women in Business Article

A new report by KPMG for 2019 called “Risk, Resilience, Reward- Mastering the 3 Rs: The Key to Women’s Success in the Workplace” suggests that women are still cautious when it comes to risk taking in their careers with 69% of report respondents saying they are are open to taking small risks to further their career, but a lower number (43%) revealing that they are open to taking bigger risks that may be associated with career advancement. Just 8 percent…

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Visa’s CMO and CCO Lynne Biggar never, ever checks a bag│Professional WOMAN’s Magazine – Wonen in Business Article

CNN Digital has more women in leadership and on staff than ever, and their perspective is changing video storytelling. “The best ideas come from people who don’t think like everybody else,” says Wendy Brundige, vice president of global video for CNN Digital. “So, it’s been really important to me to build a team of people who represent different kinds of backgrounds, who’ve had different kinds of experiences.” It’s a sentiment echoed by four other women in leadership at the network…

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Assertiveness For Women In Business – Women in Business Article

Taking a stand as a woman is always hard. We live in a culture where assertiveness of women in business is frowned upon and we are talked about in so many negative ways.  Being assertive in business is discouraged only because our culture has brought us up to accept our role as a housewife and mother. Women are spoken down to when we show assertiveness, and are called a long list of names, ranging from bossy to feminist.  However, assertiveness…

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