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10 Questions to Ask When Starting a Project – Women in Business Article

Everyone wants their projects to run smoothly and be a success. Increase your chances of success by asking these 10 questions at the beginning of a project. Project Approval Has leadership agreed on the level of support (i.e., priority, budget, resources, etc.)? Has the project and timeline been officially approved? Project Initiation Has the project/objectives been clearly defined? What does success look like? Who are the stakeholders? Are all the project roles and responsibilities clearly defined? What documentation is expected?…

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Time Tracking, Enhanced Resource and Project Analytics included in Allocable 1.3 – Business Intelligence Article

Allocable is software with a winning combination of Time Tracking, Business Intelligence (Productivity & Predictive Analytics), Business Performance Management, Resource Planning and Project Planning features providing a multi-dimensional view of workforce and project productivity to help organizations optimize and forecast performance with more certainty. We are excited to announce the release of Allocable version 1.4. Thank you for your feedback. Check out what we did with that feedback!  This latest release includes many new features that our customers have requested,…

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