QlikSense Set Analysis – Creating and Using Variables – Business Intelligence Article

Patrick McCaffreyPractice Director, Business AnalyticsJohn Daniel Associates, Inc. Patrick’s Profile The majority of Qlik application developers will tell you that a large portion of their time is spent doing rework for customers who consistently change the scope of work. This can be very frustrating, especially after hours of work have been spent placing business logic in numerous complex expressions and the customer comes to you and asks you for something as simple as the addition of a “Product Type.” To the…

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Qlik Sense SSL Certificate for Deployment – Business Intelligence Article

Bethany FamigliettiBusiness Analytics SpecialistJohn Daniel Associates, Inc.Bethany’s Profile  In this post we’re going to look at how quick and easy it is to procure and install an SSL certificate on your Qlik Sense deployment. This assumes you are starting with only the self-signed certificates, and that you want to use a certificate generated by a signing authority for use on an externally facing site. On a clean installation of Qlik Sense Enterprise, you’ll notice that the domain fails SSL validation.…

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