4 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Buying ATS for Your Recruiting Agency – Business Intelligence Article

As a recruiting and staffing business, your applicant tracking system is the most important piece of software that you can buy. As a recruiter, you are going to spend hours every day in your ATS. On an average, a recruiter spends at least three hours a day in their applicant tracking systems. Now that’s a little less than half of your working day. The importance of your central recruiting software makes it difficult to chose the right one. A modern…

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Top tips for a great business card • Derek Cheshire – Business Article

Recently I was asked to say why business cards are important and how to create a great business card. In a recent post, you can read about the pitfalls you should avoid Top 5 business card mistakes. Here I will provide a list of 10 top tips to ensure that your business card looks the part and works for you. Make it memorable. Flash your card to someone for 5 seconds or so. Can they recall something memorable about the card, such…

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