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10 Catchy WordPress Landing Page Themes – Business Article

The landing page is far from a common page with words of welcome and entertaining visuals. Instead, it’s a powerful tool where you show the value of your service or product, earn trust, and convert visitors into your customers. Fewer words – more stats. According to the recent Unbounce research that covered 64,000 landing pages from 10 leading industries, an average conversion rate lies somewhere between 3-5.5%. With the help of appealing and effective landing pages, the top 10% websites…

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3 Tips for Long-Term Business Success – Women in Business Article

Women are half as likely to start a business as men. However, over 11 million U.S. businesses are owned by females. As an entrepreneur who entered business in the 1990s, I often get asked how I got through decades ofmale-dominated environments. Here are three tips from my experience as Founder and CEO of a successful business: 1. Follow Projects and Develop a Business that Reflects Your Passions Sandy Lerner, working at Stanford Business School in the 1980s, had a passion to develop…

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10 Questions to Ask When Starting a Project – Women in Business Article

Everyone wants their projects to run smoothly and be a success. Increase your chances of success by asking these 10 questions at the beginning of a project. Project Approval Has leadership agreed on the level of support (i.e., priority, budget, resources, etc.)? Has the project and timeline been officially approved? Project Initiation Has the project/objectives been clearly defined? What does success look like? Who are the stakeholders? Are all the project roles and responsibilities clearly defined? What documentation is expected?…

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