Agency Recruitment? Best it has ever been! | Greg Savage – Business Article

Agency Recruitment? Best it has ever been! In Australia, anyway. But from what I hear and read, the US too, and elsewhere as well. The UK was steaming, but the Brexit fiasco is not helping as you can imagine. Although it hardly slowed down there, with over 8,000 new recruitment agencies opening in 2018. (that is eight thousand!) Just a wild opinion? No. I have shared the proof before, and most of my clients are indeed hitting record GP and…

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My key recruitment tip for 2019 | Greg Savage – Business Article

The intrusion of ‘digital’ and technology into our processes is a two-edged sword for recruiters. It’s given us so many ways to find and engage with candidates and clients. But it’s also allowed lazy, low-skilled recruiters to hide behind technology. They have lost the influencing skills. The ability to create outcomes through communication, information, persuasion, advising and credibility. They have reduced recruitment to a keyword-matching, mega-spamming, transactional, resume-race. You must go the other way in 2019. Here is why. The…

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Billing Manager Masterclass. ‘Super-Early-Bird’ closing soon. | Greg Savage – Business Article

GREG SAVAGE With a career spanning four decades, Greg is a founder of 4 highly successful businesses, is a trusted advisor and respected voice across the global recruitment and professional services industries, and a regular keynote speaker at conferences around the world. This is only a snippet of a Business Article written by Greg Savage Read Full Article

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Do you have a ‘lets-piss-candidates-off’ strategy? | Greg Savage – Business Article

The massive criticism of agency recruiters over the treatment of candidates? Often justified. Plenty of poorly trained recruiters around, and plenty more who don’t care enough to make an effort. But understand this. Agency recruiters do not come in every morning and have a meeting to decide how they are going piss their candidates off that day. Nor are agency recruiters evil people. Actually, for the most part, they are very nice and doing their very best. The real reason…

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New! Greg Savage Masterclass. ‘The Billing Manager’. | Greg Savage – Business Article

This is the big one. An all-new masterclass for Billing Managers, the hardest job in recruitment. That is, any recruiter who has to juggle personal targets and managing consultants. It’s often a disastrous transition for a good recruiter who is thrust into Team Leadership. The skills are entirely different and the balancing of the two jobs a uniquely hard challenge. Yet it’s so critical to recruitment business success! This session is essential for anyone who aspires to have a successful…

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