6 Reasons Most Small Businesses Stay Small – Business Article

There are many reasons why small businesses stay small. Perhaps the owners do not know how to expand. Maybe there is too much competition in the area. Or, the market is saturated. Did the business owner fail to do the research ahead of time? Often the problem is less clear than that. Most businesses can fit into one of the following four categories: Level 1 – At this level, there is a single point of failure. The founder. A tiny…

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An Updated Look at Risk Taking for Professional Women – Women in Business Article

A new report by KPMG for 2019 called “Risk, Resilience, Reward- Mastering the 3 Rs: The Key to Women’s Success in the Workplace” suggests that women are still cautious when it comes to risk taking in their careers with 69% of report respondents saying they are are open to taking small risks to further their career, but a lower number (43%) revealing that they are open to taking bigger risks that may be associated with career advancement. Just 8 percent…

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