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10-Minute SEO Test: Should You Invest? – Business Article

Have you ever wondered if your competitors are investing in SEO?  If you knew they were and you’re not, then you may need to start in order to compete long term.  Or, if your competitors are not yet investing in SEO, then that could be a nice opportunity for your business to gain the upper hand. The problem, of course, is there is no “SEO Badge” that makes it clear which businesses are, or are not, already investing in SEO. …

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How Much Does Local SEO Cost? – Business Article

There’s a common misconception that search engine traffic (aka SEO traffic) is free.  That’s primarily due to the logical comparison against search engine advertising, which is obviously not free.  With search engine advertising, you’ll pay for every click on your ad.  With organic SEO traffic there is no cost for clicks to your website.  Hence the conclusion that SEO traffic is free. But is it really free?  Is it possible to invest zero time and money and still generate traffic…

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How To Track Phone Calls Without Sabotaging Your SEO – Business Article

During one of my recent SEO webinars, there was one question that kept popping up: “How do you track phone calls from your SEO campaign?” Since this is such an important topic I’m going to answer this question in this article.   Even if you’re already tracking your phone calls, I urge you to read this to make sure you’re doing it correctly.  Unfortunately, if you track calls the wrong way, then you could unknowingly sabotage your SEO efforts!   Why…

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Connecting the Dots: SEO, PPC, Social & Email – Business Article

Ever wonder how certain digital marketing tactics impact each other? And how you can mix them together for maximum results? For example, how does advertising in Google Ads impact your search engine rankings?  Or how about the reverse — how does SEO impact Google Ads campaigns?  And how does social media marketing impact email marketing? Or are these tactics mutually exclusive so they have zero impact on each other? The short answer is no, they are not mutually exclusive tactics.  In fact, they all impact each…

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4 SEO Over-Optimization Mistakes to Avoid – Business Article

Many businesses are so eager to get ranked in Google that they over-do it. They use aggressive SEO techniques that ultimately backfire, pushing their website further and further down the rankings… It reminds me of the guy who is trying so hard to impress a girl that he ends up doing the complete opposite – she runs away.  When you over-do it with Google, she’ll push you away as well! So, in today’s article, I’m going to walk you through 4 “over-optimization” mistakes to avoid to ensure you don’t get…

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Do You Still Believe in these 5 SEO Myths? – Business Article

The Internet is littered with misinformation and terrible terrible advice about investing your money, cooking, raising children, losing weight, playing sports, and of course, digital marketing. In my experience, some of the worst advice you can find online is related to the topic of search engine optimization (SEO). Unless you’ve been very careful in your own research, you likely believe in a few of the SEO myths outlined below, which can severely stunt your digital marketing efforts. Have you been…

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