Here’s How Big Data Analytics Has Changed the eCommerce Industry – Business Intelligence Article

Data is everywhere. We gather and share countless data every moment, in fact, even our actions are generating data right now. Things that we used to see in sci-fi movies have now become real. With us being surrounded by so much data, managing them has become very challenging, but then big data is here! IoT, AI, Blockchain, Big Data: you might be seeing or hearing about these phrases a lot lately. With our world turning digital in every way, knowing…

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Femeconomy Retail Gender Equality Progress Report January 2019 – Women in Business Article

Last week, we updated our brand directory. It’s an informative process of reviewing each record against our criteria, re-researching each brand’s leadership composition, and amending our website directory to reflect any changes. Over 890 brands meet our criteria. When we started Femeconomy it was just over 700. It is important to communicate and celebrate the positive progress that companies are making towards gender equality. There were also a few who unfortunately lost ground and slid backwards. Most changes resulted…

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