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Business Tax Issues to Consider with the New Tax Law » Succeed As Your Own Boss – Business Article

Every week as SmallBizLady, I conduct interviews with experts on my Twitter talk show #SmallBizChat. The show takes place every Wednesday on Twitter from 8-9 pm ET.  This is excerpted from my recent interview with Eva Rosenberg @TaxMama. Eva is the Internet’s TaxMama®. She answers tax questions, provides a TaxQuips podcast and a wealth of books and webinars to help you deal with your personal and business tax issues. Her latest book, The Trump Tax Cut: Your Personal Guide to the…

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The Global Small Business Blog: Is News Objective Anymore? – Business Article

©iStock/marchmeena29  The majority of people in a global survey say there’s no ‘objective’ news anymore. The survey draws on answers from 20,301 people around the world. Individuals from 36 countries in four regions — the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East and Africa — were surveyed: 11,238 were “informed elites” (college-educated people who consider themselves middle class) and 5,963 were “business decision-makers” (senior leaders in an organization or small business owners). The rest were defined as adults over 18…

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7 Straightforward Ways to Improve Your Small Business in 2019 – Business Article

Making improvements to better your business is vital toward its sustainability and success. Efforts like using social media to market your products and monitoring cash flow allow you to focus on improving the areas of your business that offer the greatest gain. Take a look at these 7 simple and straightforward ways you can improve your small business in 2019.   Track competitors One of the most unvalued requirements of running a small business is tracking the competition  – 19…

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