The New Data Integration Requirements – Business Intelligence Article

This week SnapLogic posted a presentation of the 10 Modern Data Integration Platform Requirements on the company’s blog. They are: Application integration is done primarily through REST & SOAP services Large-volume data integration is available to Hadoop-based data lakes or cloud-based data warehouses Integration has to support the continuum of data velocities starting from batch all the way to continuous streams Integration is event-based rather than clock-driven Integration is primarily document- centric Integration is hybrid and spans cloud-cloud and cloud-ground scenarios…

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Data Management Requirements for the Enterprise Data Lake – Business Intelligence Article

Data Management Requirements for the Enterprise Data Lake Published 2016/05/01 big data integration Tags: big data integration, data lake, hadoop, snaplogic SnapLogic published Eight Data Management Requirements for the Enterprise Data Lake. They are: Storage and Data Formats Ingest and Delivery Discovery and Preparation Transformation and Analytics Streaming Scheduling and Workflow Metadata and Governance Security The post originally appeared on ITBusinessEdge as a slide show. The company also recently hosted a webinar on Democratizing the Data Lake with Constellation Research and published…

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It’s Time to Rethink Integration – Business Intelligence Article

Last week SnapLogic posted the company’s mission on their blog, which is focused on accelerating how enterprise integration technology is delivered in the enterprise. The company is growing rapidly and hiring. Here is the their mission statement: It’s time to rethink integration.Integrating data and applications with legacy products is slowing down your business.What you’re running now is no longer running fast enough for today’s business needs.But what if you could eliminate the pain of integration and get to its promise?To…

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Addressing the Last Mile – Middleware in Focus – Business Intelligence Article

Addressing the Last Mile – Middleware in Focus Published 2015/08/16 cloud integration , ipaas , snaplogic Tags: Cloud integration, iPaas, middleware history Check out this post by Glenn Donovan: The History of Middleware. From the enterprise service bus (ESB) to the integration competency center (ICC), he has a lot to say about the good, bad and ugly of legacy enterprise application integration (EAI) and extract, transform and load (ETL) technologies. The central theme – it’s about the need for simplicity and speed,…

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5 Signs You Need Better Cloud Integration – Business Intelligence Article

I recently participated in an online web conference called Cloudcon 2015: Integration and Web APIs where I reviewed 5 signs you need better cloud integration: You’re Struggling with the Integrator’s Dilemma You Have Unintegrated Integration: You Thought Cloud = API Utopia You Still Have Swivel Chair Integration You’re Considering Going Back to On-Prem Due to Diminishing SaaS Returns It’s a topic I wrote about in this blog post last year. Here’s the recording of the presentation, which also includes an overview…

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