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4 Ways Website Loading Times Affect Your Website – Online Business Article

Here’s a question for you: what’s the first thing any visitor notices on your website? Your header? Your logo? Your headline? The answer is none of these; it’s your loading time. Before a visitor sees any of your content, they’ll watch your website load. The expectation is that this will happen almost instantaneously. If it doesn’t, they’ll start to leave and this will impact on your conversion rates. But there are other reasons why a slow loading site causes problems:…

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Google Search is Changing – How Will This Affect Your Website? – Online Business Article

The internet doesn’t stand still. The way we use it, the technologies we use to connect with it and the applications that help us do things are always developing. To keep pace, Google search has to constantly innovate and, recently, it has announced what the next stage in its development is going to be. Here we’ll explain what it intends to do and how this might affect how you run your website. Results that focus on searcher intent When we…

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