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How to Make Telecommuting Work for Your Business – Mompreneurs® – Women in Business Article

Telecommuting is becoming the biggest trend in today’s workforce. It eliminates the dreaded commute for employees, it allows for a healthier work-life balance, and let’s face it – employees love to work from home when given the opportunity. From a company’s perspective, it reduces the need for office space, provides flexibility, and makes you a competitive employer. It’s important to note that, since telecommuting employees are vastly different from employees working in the office, you need to manage them differently. With more distractions around and less supervision, there…

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4 Ways to Use Facebook Effectively – Mompreneurs® – Wonen in Business Article

Many small businesses aren’t using Facebook effectively. Instead of planning ahead, they sporadically update their business pages. At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember is that consistency is key! Here are 4 ways to use Facebook effectively to help you maximize your time on social media. Scheduling MattersUse a scheduling tool to schedule your posts. You might not have ten minutes every day; or you might not be able to be online at key times. See…

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