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An Easy Guide to Website Security – Online Business Article

Posted February 7, 2019 by Lee Website Security is not something to ignore. Keeping your website secure is very important; not only to protect your customer’s data but to ensure you can provide your service without unwanted intrusions. In today’s online world there are a few security features that customers are expecting to see on your website more and more as they become aware. If you aren’t able to provide essential security features; then it could impact your business. This…

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What is an SSL Certificate and why is it a must-have for every website? – ZNetLive Blog – Online Business Article

In the era of digital transformation, security is the number one priority for every online business. Each passing day, the number of cyberthreats are increasing and cybercriminals are finding new ways to attack websites and online businesses.If you are having an online business, it is crucial for you to secure your website, as well as the data and information submitted by your customers. Losing personal data or information can raise questions on the credibility and reputation of a business.Customers and…

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Google Chrome 68 mandates HTTPS! – Online Business Article

May 2017: The web faces turmoil caused due to WannaCry attack. May 2017: Gmail users are targeted with a phishing scam in which the hacker tries to gain access to mail accounts through third-party apps/software. June 2017: Another web epidemic in the form of NotPetya attack. September 2017: The Equifax breach puts at risk data of over 143 million consumers. These are few of the many cyberattacks that hit the internet last year. The number has been found to be…

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