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Customer Retention: How Small Businesses Win the War – Business Article

Starting a business is exciting, crazy, exhilarating, and nuts. You’ve got to find investors, perfect your business model, create a marketing strategy, and sell away. But the insanity doesn’t end there. Once you get your company going — starting from your very first sale — you’ve got a major challenge on your hands: customer retention. How do you keep the customers you earn? Customer loyalty has been spiraling downward for years now — in part because companies aren’t taking care…

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Do You Need a Physical Location? – Business Article

For some small businesses, having a retail space is vital. A coffee house, for example, couldn’t exist without its core location. For many other types of businesses, however, an online presence is enough. So how do you know? There may come a time when opening a physical location makes sense. Fifty-one percent of Americans prefer to shop online, while 49% like to shop in an actual store. That’s a pretty even split, and it’s unlikely that you’ll only seek an…

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