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Edita Atteck – Edita Atteck Creative Living – Mompreneurs® – Women in Business Article

Edita Atteck is an Elite+ Mompreneur member based out of Burlington, Ontario. As the owner of Edita Atteck Creative Living, she works with busy professionals who are looking for a road-map to emotional and mental freedom, and whose desire is to become better parents, partners, and leaders in their lives. Edita’s expertise is in helping people develop Emotional Literacy, overcome stress and anxiety, improve relationships, and unlock their innate leadership. She is a speaker, mentor, and author. Some of Edita’s offerings include: Awaken Your…

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Kate Belbeck – Belbeck’s Family Farm & Rent The Chicken – Mompreneurs® – Women in Business Article

Kate Belbeck is an Elite+ Mompreneur member based out of Moffat, Ontario. She is the owner of Belbeck’s Family Farm featuring Rent the Chicken, helping families bring a simple food source (eggs!) closer to their table! Kate aims to do this in the easiest possible way for our customers – with a short term rental of a complete set-up: portable coop, feed and hens all included! Education is really key; when clients are completely supported in their journey, it takes the overwhelm out of an…

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Kari Fulmek – Equine Connection – Mompreneurs® – Women in Business Article

Kari Fulmek is an Elite+ Mompreneur® member based out of Calgary, Alberta. She is the Founder and Master Instructor at Equine Connection, an International Horse Certification Course with one-of-a-kind business training where she is dedicated to working with horses in a profound and inspiring way to help others. We are thrilled to be sharing Kari’s Success Story!   Tell us more about your business:Equine Connection is a Global Equine Assisted Learning Business Training™ (EABT™) company that helps people to be empowered and change…

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