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Assertiveness For Women In Business – Women in Business Article

Taking a stand as a woman is always hard. We live in a culture where assertiveness of women in business is frowned upon and we are talked about in so many negative ways.  Being assertive in business is discouraged only because our culture has brought us up to accept our role as a housewife and mother. Women are spoken down to when we show assertiveness, and are called a long list of names, ranging from bossy to feminist.  However, assertiveness…

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The Rundown – Your Blueprint For Sports Talk Success – January Edition – Women in Business Article

The new year is upon us and that means a fresh slate. If creating relationships, growing your client base or expanding your network are on your list of resolutions, develop the rapport with sports and keep the conversation going all year long. Here are what your friends and neighbors will be talking about in January. College Football National Championship Game – Monday, January 8The two best teams in college football, Georgia and Alabama, come together in Atlanta to find out…

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