Tax avoidance

Don’t call Howard Schultz a billionaire. He’s just a ‘person of means’ | Arwa Mahdawi | Opinion – Business Article

Howard Schultz is worth around $3.4bn. While one might think that would make the former Starbucks CEO and would-be presidential candidate a “billionaire”, he would prefer you didn’t use that term. You see, while billionaire may seem like a simple descriptor, it is actually a disgusting slur. Schultz enlightened us as to the problematic nature of the b-word at a book event in New York last Monday. When asked by New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin whether he thought…

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Tobacco firms not paying fair share of UK corporation tax – report | Business – Business Article

Global tobacco companies should be paying more UK corporation tax, according to a report that claims they are not contributing their fair share despite making massive profits. Academics at the University of Bath found that the four largest cigarette companies pay hundreds of millions of pounds in tax overseas but consistently pay less than the headline rate of UK corporation tax. The companies, which disputed the report’s findings, include Gauloises-maker Imperial Brands and British American Tobacco (BAT), owner of Camel…

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