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HyperX Cloud Flight review | TechRadar

Cloud Flight is the first wireless gaming headset from HyperX, which is known for its impressive lineup of affordable gaming headsets. It might be late to the game, but this wireless headset is making a statement by boasting one of the longest 30 hour battery lives and lighting you won’t find on any of its rivals. The problem?  The Cloud Flight’s slightly higher price and smaller feature set doesn’t help it compete with other affordable wireless gaming headsets like the…

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How to prepare for an interview

Share Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google Plus An interview shouldn’t be an interrogation but an opportunity for hiring managers to get to know you and determine your suitability for the role and company. Find your dream job with Techworld Jobs. While it can be a daunting process, the better prepared you are for your interview the more confident you’ll be going into it. Here’s our 5 step guide to preparing for your interview. Source link

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SuperVPN Free VPN Client review

SuperVPN Free VPN Client is a hugely popular free VPN app for Android. Its Google Play page reports between 50 and 100 million installs, and as we write it has a 4.2 rating from more than half a million users. You can install and use the app for free, and there are no restrictions for the first 20 days (although you will see lots of ads). After that, VPN sessions are automatically disconnected after 60 minutes. You can start a…

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FRITZ!Box 7590 review | TechRadar

Whatever you might think about the slightly startling name, the latest FRITZ!Box (and we do insist on replicating that styling correctly because, come on, it’s hilarious) does more than its jaunty logo and wacky, dated styling might suggest. In fact, it seems it’s absolutely insistent on doing everything it possibly can. It routes wireless traffic, it routes wired traffic, it routes DSL and analogue phone lines, it manages DECT phones, printers, network storage.  Plug in a 4G dongle and it’ll…

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Beelink A1 TV Box review

Computers come in various shapes and forms: portable laptops, monstrous desktop or gaming PCs, and miniature HDMI dongles, or even some that are integrated into a keyboard or a wall power plug. Where to buy? Online Chinese retailer, Gearbest, sent us the sample and sells the Beelink A1 for just under £47 (around $64) at the time of writing. Note that, while this price includes delivery, it is exclusive of any taxes that may be levied by HMRC or the…

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Sony Alpha A7R III review

The Alpha A7R III is Sony’s latest high-resolution mirrorless camera, and an update of the excellent Alpha A7R II, which was responsible for tempting many a photographer away from the comfort of their Canon and Nikon DSLRs.  This latest model looks to draw on many of the technologies used in the speed-orientated Sony Alpha A9, which is just as well, because with the likes of Nikon’s brilliant D850 offering a tempting combination of high resolution and high performance the Alpha…

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Life is Strange: Before the Storm review: A small town and smaller stakes

Life is Strange: Before the Storm should be a non-starter. It’s a prequel, for one, and like all prequels it’s stuck trying to surprise players even though thanks to 2015’s Life is Strange we already know where events are headed. It’s also forced to get by without its predecessor’s primary gimmick—Max’s ability to rewind time is tied innately to the events of Life is Strange proper, and Before the Storm has to do without that supernatural element. Take the supernatural…

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Happy Hacker Keyboard Professional 2 review

Spend any amount of time around the keyboard-obsessed portions of the internet and you’ll inevitably hear the Happy Hacker Keyboard Professional 2 mentioned.  It’s a piece of hardware that’s almost specifically designed to appeal to an enthusiast niche. Its so-called ‘60% form-factor’ means that it doesn’t feature a num pad, arrow keys, or even a function row. Even the keys it does have are positioned like no other keyboard we’ve ever seen, with a ‘Control’ key where the ‘Caps lock’…

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Q Acoustics M3 soundbar review

I was mightily impressed by the performance of Q Acoustics’ M2 sound base. As a follow-up act, the manufacturer sent me its entry-level M3 soundbar. The M3 shares the same pedigree and it, too delivers a phenomenal sonic performance that will satisfy even demanding audiophiles and cineastes working with modest budgets. The M3 is a sleek, smartly designed speaker that can rest on a piece of furniture or mount to the wall. The integrated metal stand performs double-duty for both installations,…

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Hive View hands on review

Hive has released a smart camera. Nope, this isn’t a repeat of news from last year when Hive released a, er, smart camera but this is 2018 and Hive has just released yet another smart camera.  Called the Hive View, this is the smart cam it should have released in the first place. While it’s not a replacement for the original Hive Camera, it is an upgrade, both in looks and functionality.  For a start, this one actually lives within…

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Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder review

Apowersoft has two screen recorders. The first, which we’re reviewing here, is a web-based tool that runs in your browser, while the other (accessed on the same site by clicking ‘Download desktop version’) is a premium application that’s only available as a limited free trial unless you buy a subscription. Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is completely free to use, with no time limitations, paywalls or watermarks. However, although it runs in your web browser, you’ll still need to download…

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Six blockchain startups to watch

Share Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google Plus Technology is never a sector to shy away from hype, and in 2017 one technology has received more than its fair share: blockchain. Blockchains store information across many parties rather than on one central server, and can only be updated with the consent of the majority of participants. Information on the blockchain cannot be removed, meaning it offers a verifiable record of digital events. A growing number of startups are starting to harness the…

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Samsung SmartThings Link for Nvidia Shield TV review: A cheap smart home hub with one inherent shortcoming

The Nvidia Shield TV streaming box just keeps getting cooler. In addition to doubling as a Plex server, an over-the-air DVR, and a hands-free Google Assistant, the Shield can also now serve as a smart home hub with the addition of a Samsung SmartThings Link. This $40 dongle plugs into one of the Shield’s two USB ports, where it can control smart light bulbs, switches, plugs, and any other appliances and devices that work with the full-sized SmartThings hub (here’s a…

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Eset Internet Security 11 Review

ESET Internet Security 11 is the company’s latest offering for 2018, aiming to protect your computer from viruses and malware, prevent unauthorised access to your computer including while making online payments and more. £39.99 for a single user for one year of ESET’s 2018 offering looks steep, but increase the number of users to 4, and the cost per user drops to a very reasonable £14, available to buy on ESET’s website here. Though this is still higher than products…

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Life in Code, book review: The programmer’s tale

Life in Code: A Personal History of Technology • By Ellen Ullman • Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux • 306 pages • ISBN: 978-0-374-53451-6 • $27 One of my favourite books from 1997 is Ellen Ullman’s collection of essays, Close to the Machine. Ullman began her adult life as an aspiring writer, diverted into software engineering for a decade or three, and from there found her way back into writing. Her 2012 novel, The Bug, recounted the travails of a programmer…

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