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Best UK digital investment apps

Share Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google Plus In the UK, ‘wealth management’ is an idea culturally reserved for the super rich. High fees for brokers and wealth managers means people with four figures of savings don’t tend to view investing as a viable option. Now a whole host of fintech startups are opening up investment options for consumers, either by giving them a platform to invest in company stocks and shares, to robo-advice and crowdfunding platforms. Here are some of the…

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Our picks for the best mechanical keyboard

Choosing a gaming keyboard is a matter of personal taste. One person could be into Cherry Browns and white backlighting. Another might favor Razer Greens and a rippling RGB glow. Gigantic wrist pads, compact shapes, numeric keypads, macro keys, volume controls—a plethora of keyboards exists because everyone wants a different mix of features. To help you sort through the many options, we’ve sifted through the latest and greatest planks to come up with our top recommendations. All of these are…

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Reolink Argus review: Great smart security camera for those on a budget

While a few years ago smart security cameras would set you back hundreds of pounds, technology has advanced so much that you can buy smart security cameras like the Reolink Argus for less than £100. But does a budget price tag mean a compromise on the quality of the camera itself? We’ve spent some time with the impressive Reolink Argus smart security camera, and here’s what we think about it. Spoiler: price doesn’t always reflect quality.   Reolink Argus: UK…

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Ulefone T1 hands-on: A high-performing phone with nice-to-have extras Review

The Ulefone brand is a new name for me. Its website states that it is one of the biggest manufacturers of mobile devices and accessories in China. Its range of phones are affordable, and it has a large range of agents selling its phones. I was keen to try one of its devices to see how well it compared to other Chinese smartphones The Ulefone T1 phone is an impressive device. Running Android 7.0 Nougat with a few Ulefone specific…

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Alcatel A7 hands on review

Alcatel has introduced a new budget smartphone at IFA 2017, the A7. While it’s low in price it’s also relatively low on specs and interesting features, but the A7 does offer a larger-than-average screen and a good-sized battery for its price. The 5.5-inch Full HD display and 4000mAh power pack potentially make this a great budget buy for those who mostly use their phone for basic tasks but rarely have it out of their hands. There’s also a decent 16MP…

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Apple Music (for iPhone) Review & Rating

Apple Music, Cupertino’s streaming audio service, lets you stream most, but not all, of the iTunes library on your iOS devices, dive into numerous curated playlists, and find artists using Siri voice commands. There’s even an Android version of Apple Music, which is a major departure for Apple, one that shows how seriously it takes music. Overall, Apple Music’s many features make this service a strong contender in its category. Unless you’re dead set on becoming further entrenched in the…

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Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller (Generation 2) review: Watering the lawn gets smart

California might be out of its longtime drought for now, but that doesn’t mean that homeowners should turn the sprinklers on full bore. Water rates, here in northern California, are actually going up, and my district still has a litany of water restrictions in effect, including a ban on sprinkler irrigation within 48 hours of rainfall. If you have an irrigation system, using it with a timer is a must, as watering at night and on a regular schedule is…

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macOS Sierra 10.12 review – Macworld UK

Welcome to our macOS Sierra review, in which we test and rate the features, interface and ease of use of Apple’s macOS 10.12 operating system for Macs and MacBooks. If you’d like to read about autumn 2017’s update to macOS, turn to our macOS High Sierra preview. The 2016 update to Apple’s Mac operating system, macOS Sierra, has been available to download for free (assuming your Mac is new enough to run it) for almost a year now, following its…

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Best free cloud storage services

Share Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google Plus Cloud storage services are on the rise as users look for a cheap and secure way to access their files from any device and location. The competition for customers has led a number of cloud storage companies to offer free storage space. Here’s our selection of the best options available. Our top picks are: Dropbox Box Google Drive Read next: Best online privacy tools 2017 Source link

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Switchmate Bright review: The quick and easy path to smart lighting

The second-generation Switchmate—Switchmate Bright—is even better than the original. The new model is about one-third narrower, it has a built-in motion sensor for hands-free operation (you can also operate it manually, of course), you can program a timer that will automatically turn the light (or ceiling fan, or whatever the switch controls) on and off, and it can be integrated into Wink-based smart homes. Like the much bulkier original, the Switchmate Bright doesn’t require any wiring changes or even tools…

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Android Oreo review: Advanced tinkering

Nevermind the name rumours, here’s the final product. It was always going to be called Oreo, wasn’t it? Android 8 is now available for Google’s own devices following a surprisingly stable beta period. We’ve been using it on Pixel and Nexus devices here at Tech Advisor, and it’s a pleasingly refined update to Nougat. Google’s attention to detail is improving, and Oreo represents an Android user’s dream of granular customisation mixed with genuinely useful and thoughtful tweaks to the user…

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Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact Review: Hands-on With New iPhone 7 Alternative

For this year’s IFA technology show, Sony has unveiled a trio of new smartphones. There are no new flagships but we’re still interested in the Xperia XZ1 and this, its smaller brother. Here’s our Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact hands-on review. This being part of Sony’s XZ range needs more explaining than when it was simply the Z followed by a number. The XZ1 is a refresh of the XZ but doesn’t replace the XZ Premium, meanwhile the XZ1 Compact is a…

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Sony Xperia XZ1 Review: Hands-on With A More Affordable Flagship Phone

IFA 2017 means new gadgets and you can rely on Sony to bring a fair few to the party. This year is no exception and there are three new Xperia phones to tempt you with. Here’s our Sony Xperia XZ1 hands-on review. Since ditching its conventional naming system, the last being the Xperia Z5, Sony’s range needs a bit of explaining. The XZ is now the top tier but this new model is no replacement for the XZ Premium. Instead,…

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Hands-on: Sea of Thieves Review

Xbox fans would be forgiven for feeling that Rare hasn’t always lived up to their hopes since the developer was acquired by Microsoft back in 2002, mostly producing remakes, Kinect party games, and the commercially disappointing Viva Piñata – all a far cry from the studios golden years for Nintendo, producing the likes of Donkey Kong Country, Banjo-Kazooie, and GoldenEye 007. Enter Sea of Thieves. The vast online multiplayer pirate game has sparked hopes of a return to form for the…

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Sony LF-S50G smart speaker review: Hands-on With New Google Home Rival

Hands-on: Sony LF-S50G smart speaker review Sony surprised many by announcing a new smart speaker at IFA 2017. It comes powered by the Google Assistant and we’ve taken a look so here’s our Sony LF-S50G review. Smart speakers are all the rage right now following the lead of the Amazon Echo. They are essentially a music speaker with a microphone built in so you can talk to it, getting answers to questions or performing tasks.  Everyone is trying to get…

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