Test Automation

INTRODUCTION TO TEST AUTOMATION | NexiiLabs Blog – Business Intelligence Article

  Test Automation has become an important part of the development process. Verifying the functionality, testing for regression and executing the tests are part of the Test automation process. These are carried out simultaneously and in an efficient way. Manual testing is the traditional method adopted by organizations. However, with the increasing number of web- based applications and quality tools in the market, this is slowly vanishing. Verification and testing web-based interfaces are made easier with test automation. WHAT IS…

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  Automation testing is a process where manual testing steps are automatically run to test its quality. Automation testing framework is a set of automation test guidelines. Following these leads to increased productivity and results. It also saves manual effort and time taken for testing. Test Automation framework provides execution environment for the test scripts. Frameworks include guidelines, concepts, standards of coding, project hierarchies, report mechanism among others all of which allows the user to code, run and report the…

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